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"For centuries and long before the first glimmerings of modern science, physicians and non-physicians alike have acknowledged that the way people felt in their minds could influence the way they responded in their bodies. When prevailing medical theory denied the very possibility of such interactions, common experience and sometimes quite startling clinical encounters suggested otherwise."

National Library of Medicine (NLM), History of Medicine Division (HMD), Emotions and Diseased in Historical Perspective.

We would like to introduce our office where we believe that the integration of conventional and alternative approaches with the concept of mind-body dichotomy provides the most complementary and fulfilling treatment of medical and psychiatric conditions.

During a healthy state, as well as during illness or injury, the complex process of interactions of brain activity with different functional systems of ​the human body is taking place for the maintenance or restoration of the organism to the normal functioning level.

As a founder, having medical degrees in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, I have observed in my practice the connection between medical and psychiatric symptoms on a regular basis. Those findings oriented me to look at the patients' impairments from a different perspective and to view illness as a complex problem, requiring integrative collaboration from different areas of medicine, as well as alternative approaches, to achieve better recovery results on all levels of functioning including biological, physiological, mental, psychological, social and others. 

I hope you will find some useful information on our website and we will see you soon in our office​. 

Licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Medical Director (CIPM LLC)

Medical staff  (Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington D.C) 

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Врач, Дипломированный Специалист Высшего Класса по Психиатрии согласно Американской Коллегии по Психиатрии и Неврологии.

Врач, Дипломированный Специалист Высшего Класса по Наркологии согласно Американской Коллегии Превентивной Медицины.


Venera R. Miller, MD, FAPA, FASAM

Venera Miller, MD

Double Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist.

Board-Certified; Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

Board-Certified; Diplomate of the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM).

Welcome to our Medical Clinic, where we provide Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for Everyone who needs help. We are a medical facility and not a political organization. We indiscriminately offer medical services to every individual regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, spoken language, national origin, political views, disability, etc. Our providers and staff speak several languages, which allows us to expand our services to those individuals who have limited access to mental health and substance abuse services due to the language barrier. Every individual will be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect!

Venera R. Miller, MD, FAPA, FASAM; Official Website!

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