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              Mental Health and Substance Abuse have been associated with stigma and discomfort when it comes to acknowledgment and treatment. It is not easy to accept that you have a mental illness or substance abuse problem, but it is much more difficult to manage psychiatric or addiction symptoms on your own.

       Many individuals tried to hide their symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood instability, psychosis, attention/concentration problems, and substance abuse for many years by struggling with daily activities, compromising their personal and professional lives, and just unintentionally depriving themselves of normal lives because of the stigma. In our clinic, we are in tune with the sensibility of this subject, and that’s why we are trying to minimize the discomfort and uneasiness of seeking psychiatric care or help with addiction.


           In other cases, individuals have been prescribed different psychotropic medications for their diagnosed psychiatric or substance abuse condition, but they experience no relief, or their condition has gotten worse. The disappointment with past treatment may prevent people from seeing psychiatric treatment again, or they may turn to substance abuse for self-medication. Unfortunately, throughout the years we have seen many cases of misdiagnosis and inappropriate prescription of psychotropic medications which not only turn people away from getting help but cause exacerbation of their conditions with significant negative effects on their daily lives.


      We treat everyone with compassion, dignity and respect, putting a huge emphasis on Confidentiality for every service provided! We are offering in-office as well as telepsychiatry appointments so each individual can decide for themselves what setting is more suitable for their level of comfort. We are taking our time to address the individual’s problems and answer any questions they may have. All psychiatric services and substance abuse treatment are provided by a top-qualified Medical Doctor, an expert in psychiatry and addiction medicine with the support of caring and knowledgeable staff.  We are following all necessary federal and state regulations, and our psychiatric services are within FDA guidelines!

             If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, mood instability, substance abuse, or other psychiatric symptoms, please don’t wait any longer!

         We will provide a thorough psychiatric evaluation and will recommend an individualized treatment plan. Every individual cannot be treated with the same treatment methods, and each treatment plan has to be carefully created based on diagnosis, previous responses, personality, comorbid medical or psychiatric conditions, history of addiction, side effects, and other factors. 

              We are offering a wide range of treatment options from traditional to the most innovative and advanced! Our goal is to address your concerns with personalized care and an individualized treatment plan.


         We have the time, knowledge, and experience to help with your mental health needs and addiction struggles so you can enjoy your life again!

Sunset Kayak
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